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Company Mission

We believe every person deserves the right to own a car

Company Mission

We believe every person deserves the right to own a car

Why is getting a vehicle so hard?

“Nearly 50 million people in the United States have little-or-no credit history, and Hispanics comprise the largest segment of this group.”

Not only mainstream but alternative lenders are unable to figure out how to evaluate the risk profile of a borrower who lacks a credit score. Consequently, these individuals must turn to lenders with extremely high interest rates and unrealistic payment terms. Furthermore, most of these alternatives do not report customer accounts to credit bureaus, so these individuals are unable to establish credit history and eventually access traditional credit.

We are closing the Gap

Founded in 2007, Ganas provides affordable loans that help people with little-or-no credit history finance a quality, late model, fully-reconditioned car, truck or SUV. Because it reports to the credit bureau, Ganas customers establish credit and ultimately build a better future.

Ganas uses advanced data analytics and technology to segment, or score, the Hispanic consumer and offer responsible, affordable, credit-building loans on their purchase of a vehicle. It offers bilingual (English/Spanish) sales at nearly 30 locations in Texas and California and convenient payment processing via telephone, Web, mobile, or in-person through its network of payment partners such as Walmart, 7-Eleven, and Ace Cash Express

Our approach

Ganas carries a tremendous inventory of cars, trucks, and SUVs which have been reconditioned to a rigorous standard to provide you with the most mechanically sound vehicle possible.

Ganas provides protection on your purchase

Ganas provides at no additional charge an 18 months or 18,000 miles Limited Warranty* on the power train (engine and transmission) and heating-cooling system of your vehicle.

*Whichever occurs first. See dealer for Limited Warranty details.

Ganas loans are responsible

Ganas’s proprietary system—which leverages advanced data analytics and ten years of insights gained from serving customers—determines every loan applicant’s ability to repay and approves loans to those it calculates are likely to repay on time. Our underwriting also includes verifying income for all loan applicants.

Payment terms are realistic

Ganas uses data analytics to determine loan amounts and terms that fit individual budgets. All loans feature fixed, affordable payments up to 57 months. There is no penalty for pre-payment. Payments align to customer pay periods.

We help customers establish credit history

Customer accounts are reported to credit bureaus to help borrowers establish credit history.

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